Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Welcome to my Mound Gardening blog

Welcome to my Mound Gardening Blog. What I will explain here is the concept of an edible landscape, using the example of mounds as both beautiful landscaping ideas and convenient, easily workable vegetable beds.

What is mound gardening? Basically, the idea of mound gardening is that, instead of a longish, flat vegetable bed, you dig up round beds that are raised in the middle. Your vegetables you plant in circles around the middle, with tall, staked varieties in the middle and lower varienties around them. The benefits of mound gardening are manifold:
* You can use to your advantage all the good effects of companion planting as plants are close enough together to be within root reach from each other.
* You can turn your vegetable beds into beautiful additions to your yard, instead of "hiding" your vegetable patch from view in the far back of your yard.
* You can plant a lot in a small space.
* You can place mounds all over the yard and alongside the house as well.
* You can pick shady or sunny spots according to what you plan on growing.

This blog will focus on the things that are essential when considering to grow your own food on mounds.

1. Mound Size
2. Soil Quality
3. What to plant
4. Taking care of a mound
5. Harvest Time

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